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Burglar attempts to break into home

6 Ways to Deter Burglars While You’re Out of Town

Throughout the year, many of us travel on vacation or to see family and friends. But before you pack your luggage and lock the door, take the time to safeguard your home while you’re away. Burglaries peak during high-travel times of the year, and criminals set their sights on homes that look like easy targets. […]

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Biometrics and Safes: Is Fingerprint Technology the Way to Go?

Biometrics is one of the fastest growing segments of technology and it affects a wide variety of industries. The name sounds complicated but the concept is pretty simple. Biometric technology refers to the analysis of unique attributes of an individual. These include fingerprints, voice authentication, iris scans, and even ear printing. In terms of safes, […]

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5 Home Security Tips for Young Renters

Renting an apartment is every young person’s first step toward independent living. What many high school and college kids leave behind in their search for freedom, however, is the safety and security of a family home, as well as the knowledge of what it takes to make their new apartments a haven of secure living. […]

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A Guide to Preserving and Protecting your Family’s Heirlooms

Family heirlooms are an important part of our heritage and lineage, but they pose a common dilemma: whether to use them, display them, or hide them away. Many family heirlooms are useful and were handed down with the intention of keeping them in the family for ongoing practical use. But the pressure to continue to […]

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