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6 Ways to Make Your Existing Home Security System Safer

6 Ways to Make Your Existing Home Security System Safer

A burglary takes place once every thirteen seconds somewhere in the United States, which equals more than 6,600 per day. While these numbers are terrifying, they also highlight the importance of making sure that your home is monitored to prevent a break in. New technologies, along with the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence, […]

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An open safe appears empty in a closet

Budget-Friendly Home Safes

When it comes to keeping your most important assets safe, you need a solution that can combat multiple threats, including burglary and fire. While safes can cost thousands of dollars, there are affordable options out there for homeowners looking to conceal their possessions in a securely locked place. Many safes on the market come at […]

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A masked burglar goes through a filing cabinet

Protecting Your Business from Burglars

Your business is more than just a career; it’s your passion and livelihood, too. As an entrepreneur, you invest ample cash, time, and dedication to running a successful company — it only makes sense to give your precious organization the protection it deserves. Where you see an admirable and growing business venture worthy of recognition, […]

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A gun safe slightly open

Dehumidifying Your Gun Safe: What You Need to Know

Purchasing a gun safe is an incredible way to ensure that your firearms remain safe and secure within your home. While a gun safe is equipped to withstand force and high temperatures, it can’t always protect your guns from moisture. Pervasive humidity in the surrounding air can seep into your safe, gradually causing rust, corrosion, […]

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Safe deposit lock

Finding the Right Safe for Your Business

A business of any size needs a safe. From keeping cash secure to protecting key documents and sensitive customer data, safes restrict access to your valuables to only your most trusted personnel. They can also offer an extra layer of protection in the event of a disaster, so your assets stay safe no matter what […]

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Burglar attempts to break into home

6 Ways to Deter Burglars While You’re Out of Town

Throughout the year, many of us travel on vacation or to see family and friends. But before you pack your luggage and lock the door, take the time to safeguard your home while you’re away. Burglaries peak during high-travel times of the year, and criminals set their sights on homes that look like easy targets. […]

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CCTV security camera for home security surveillance.

Where Should You Install Your Home Security Cameras?

Protecting your home and family should be your top priority. To help bring some peace of mind, you might consider investing in a home camera security system. Since many burglars run at the very sight of a security camera, upgrading your surveillance could be a great way to defend your property. Unfortunately, you can’t cover […]

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Man looking at home security cameras on tablet computer

5 Apps to Help You Watch Your Home When You’re Not There

It’s safe to say that we’re more reliant on our smartphones today than ever before. One of the most useful things about the modern smartphone is that it offers an app for almost everything. Whether you want to control your Wi-Fi-enabled coffee machine on the road or watch over your home and possessions while on […]

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Dog Looking Out Window

6 Reasons Why Your Dog Isn’t a Valid Security System

Some homeowners mistakenly think that having a dog — or even just posting a “Beware of Dog” sign — is enough to deter a burglar. However, this is not the case. Some amateur burglars may be warded off by the sound of a dog’s bark, but a person who is really determined to break in […]

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