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3 Ways to Help Your Child Stay Safe at College

According to a recent report, over 15,000 serious crimes occur on college campuses across America each school year. But only 20% of the nation’s secondary institutions took part in the FBI’s voluntary crime reporting program. Unlike cities and towns, counties and states, campus police departments are not required to report crimes that occur within their […]

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5 Home Security Tips for Young Renters

Renting an apartment is every young person’s first step toward independent living. What many high school and college kids leave behind in their search for freedom, however, is the safety and security of a family home, as well as the knowledge of what it takes to make their new apartments a haven of secure living. […]

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How to Deal with a Home Burglary

Experiencing a home burglary is certainly no fun. Aside from potentially having valuable items stolen from you, you also have to deal with the initial steps that follow immediately when you find out about the burglary and then the following process of coping emotionally and psychologically. If you’ve been a victim of a home burglary, […]

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10 Reasons to Have a Home Safe

If you’re considering purchasing a home safe, you may be surprised by all of the reasons it will be a good investment. Plenty of people buy a safe for one particular purpose and then wish they had bought a larger one once they discover all of the additional uses a safe can have. In order […]

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6 Tips for Protecting Your Family at Home

Family is the most valuable thing we have, and as such, is the most important thing to protect. Possessions can be replaced in the case of a burglary, fire, or natural disaster, but your family members cannot. Protecting our loved ones isn’t just for the ultra-macho man of the house—it’s an instinct many of us […]

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5 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe During Holiday Travel

The holiday season means travel for many—visiting loved ones, taking that special trip you’ve always wanted to, and jaunting to the city for the sights, lights, and delights of the season. All that travel means that you’ll be away from home, leaving it and the valuables inside vulnerable to those who are on Santa’s naughty […]

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The Secrets to Buying Renters Insurance

Think that just because you don’t own your home or apartment you don’t need some kind of insurance? You are, unfortunately, wrong. Yes, your landlord or property management company is responsible for carrying coverage on your house, condo, or apartment, but that only covers the structure—the building. Your stuff? That’s up to you to protect. […]

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A Guide to Preserving and Protecting your Family’s Heirlooms

Family heirlooms are an important part of our heritage and lineage, but they pose a common dilemma: whether to use them, display them, or hide them away. Many family heirlooms are useful and were handed down with the intention of keeping them in the family for ongoing practical use. But the pressure to continue to […]

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10 Easy Ways to Protect Your Home from Thieves

Homes without security systems are at a much higher risk for break-ins, vandalism, and robbery. Most break-ins actually occur in the daytime during the work week, between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., when many homes are vacant. That’s why we encourage you to adopt several of the following measures when it comes […]

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