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An open safe appears empty in a closet

Budget-Friendly Home Safes

When it comes to keeping your most important assets safe, you need a solution that can combat multiple threats, including burglary and fire. While safes can cost thousands of dollars, there are affordable options out there for homeowners looking to conceal their possessions in a securely locked place. Many safes on the market come at […]

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A gun safe slightly open

Dehumidifying Your Gun Safe: What You Need to Know

Purchasing a gun safe is an incredible way to ensure that your firearms remain safe and secure within your home. While a gun safe is equipped to withstand force and high temperatures, it can’t always protect your guns from moisture. Pervasive humidity in the surrounding air can seep into your safe, gradually causing rust, corrosion, […]

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an open safe sitting on a bookself with a pearl necklace hanging out

How Home Safes Are Made

The first bank safes weren’t particularly impressive. Before we learned which materials were best for protecting our valuables, we used safes made of wood and iron, which were easily smashed open by thieves. After that, we turned to safes made of solid iron, susceptible to standard explosions. Today, we use carefully machined pieces of steel, […]

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Close up of an old safe dial

A Rundown of the Most Popular American Security Safes

Starting life as a small business in Paramount, California, American Security Products Co. opened in 1940. Since then, the company has evolved into one of the most popular safe manufacturers in the world, offering their customers unparalleled peace of mind when it comes to home and business security. Today, AMSEC is a globally trusted provider […]

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Should You Buy a Biometric or Locking Safe?

When it comes to securing valuable possessions, dangerous items (like firearms), and essential documents, safes offer an effective, and reliable form of home protection. Today, there’s a wide range of solutions to choose from — from floor and wall safes, to safes designed specifically for guns or fire protection. However, picking the perfect safe is […]

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floor safe

Safe Spotlight: The Benefits of Floor Safes

A floor safe can represent one of the most effective ways to defend your valuables against theft, fire, and other disasters. Floor safes don’t take up extra room, they’re difficult for burglars to detect, and they can offer impeccable protection. After all, even if an individual was to discover your concealed safe — removing it […]

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kitchen safe

6 Tips to Keep your Kitchen Safe

In many circumstances, the kitchen can act as the heart of the home — a hub of activity for friendly get-togethers, family feasts, and even festive celebrations. Unfortunately, the kitchen is also brimming with potential dangers, from sharp knives, to pans of spitting grease, pots of boiling water, and a host of fire hazards. With […]

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wall safe

How to Install a Wall Safe in Your Home

Even if you store most of your valuables at your local bank, you probably have collectables, jewelry, or even family heirlooms at home that you want to keep protected. A wall safe provides an affordable, reliable, and convenient way to ensure burglars can’t get their hands on your treasured possessions. Many people are dissuaded from […]

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home safe

Choosing a Home Safe

A strong, secure safe can guard a wide range of items; photos, passports, guns, and more. Home safes come in a variety of sizes and styles, and you may not realize until you have just how many uses a home safe has. When you’re choosing what type of safe to get, there are a number […]

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