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important documents

5 Documents You Need to Keep in a Home Safe

Your home is full of valuable items, but an area that’s frequently overlooked by homeowners when it comes to comprehensive security is the storage of important documents. In fact, a survey conducted by the National Research Center for consumer reports found that 1 in 4 Americans has lost a crucial financial document. Given the importance […]

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Why a Fireproof Safe is Essential for Any Business

Fire represents a serious danger to both home and business owners. From the potential loss of life in homes, to the ability to destroy a lifetime of labor for those who run their own companies, fire is a threat that’s impossible to ignore. Though you may not have to worry about employee risk when locking […]

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fire hazard

The Most Common Home Fire Hazards

While every year, we see a decrease in the number of deaths resulting from home-based fires, the instances of fire in the home remain far too numerous, considering that many fire catastrophes are preventable. 85% of deaths associated with fire occur within the home. Something as simple as a burning candle, or an unattended stove, […]

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fire extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher Basics

If used correctly, fire extinguishers and other fire safety systems can save lives. They’re employed for the immediate suppression of small fires in residential and commercial areas. It is imperative that your fire extinguisher is positioned near an exit—readily available to suppress small fires before fire-fighters arrive on scene. But, before you squeeze the trigger […]

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fire safety

Fire Safety for Renters

A 2014 survey, conducted by the American Red Cross, demonstrated that only less than 1 in 5 families (18%) with dependent minors have actually practiced home fire drills. This is a staggeringly low percentage, reflective a willingness to disregard and undermine the dangers associated with fire. For renters, though, there is additional risk in assuming […]

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A Guide to Fireproof Safes

A fire at your home or office is anyone’s worst nightmare. Most thieves won’t take those items most dear to you—sentimental things— the way a fire can. That’s why investing in a fireproof safe is a smart choice. But not all fire safes are created equal. Let’s look at what makes a fire safe truly […]

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Prevent Household Fires During Winter Months

Keeping valuables safe during the holidays can be tricky. We often think of summer as the only season where we need to be on the lookout for fires. The U.S. Fire Administration reported that about 47,000 fires are started each year during winter holidays. At a glance, that number of fires equals $554 million in […]

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5 Home Security Tips for Young Renters

Renting an apartment is every young person’s first step toward independent living. What many high school and college kids leave behind in their search for freedom, however, is the safety and security of a family home, as well as the knowledge of what it takes to make their new apartments a haven of secure living. […]

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6 Tips for Protecting Your Family at Home

Family is the most valuable thing we have, and as such, is the most important thing to protect. Possessions can be replaced in the case of a burglary, fire, or natural disaster, but your family members cannot. Protecting our loved ones isn’t just for the ultra-macho man of the house—it’s an instinct many of us […]

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