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Yearly Archives: 2015  

home safety

Home Safety Check List

Keeping your home safe is important for you and your family. Home accidents cause about 20,000 deaths  and millions of injuries in American homes every year. Below is a checklist of some ways you can prevent common household mishaps in your home. In All Places Keep areas well-lit. Make sure you don’t have to walk […]

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home security apps

Modern-Day Defense: The Best Home Security Apps

Today, it seems almost impossible to imagine a life without our smartphones. Most people eat with them, travel with them, and even sleep with them — as what was once a device used to make phone calls has evolved into a technological crutch, and cultural icon. The smartphone is no longer a simple convenience — […]

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home security

The Worst Home Security Advice Out There

There is more than one way to keep your home and everything valuable inside it safe. In fact, savvy homeowners likely rely on a combination of home security tactics to keep their home, belongings and family members safe. There is no “right” way to do it – but there are certainly some ways that aren’t […]

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home security system

The Evolution of Home Security Systems

Your home is your haven. It protects your hard-earned material possessions, and the most important items of all: your loved ones. Keeping the items in your home safe is of the highest importance to homeowners which is why alarm systems are so popular. As consumer demands evolve, so will the technology associated with home security […]

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home security

5 Myths about Home Security

We work hard to make our homes comfortable places to live. While living in safe home is part of the American Dream, there are everyday things we do that could jeopardize our security. The problem arises when we become too comfortable and don’t take the necessary steps to protect our homes, our belongings, and our […]

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doomsday castle

The World’s Most Secure Secret Bunkers

Whether they call it the apocalypse, doomsday, or Armageddon, a contingency plan is top of mind for some Earthlings on this big blue marble. Although many of us prepare for disasters by storing our valuables in a safe, keeping extra water on hand, or organizing a bug-out bag, the individuals and organizations who have built […]

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home security

What Will Home Security Look Like in 100 Years?

We can expect that in 100 years, home security will be all the more technologically advanced and personalized for each and every one of us and our unique style of living. Smartphones, enhanced recognition, and automation are all picking up speed with every passing year. With the additional interconnectivity that technology provides, we’ll be able […]

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home security

Home Security Tips

Keeping your family safe is among one of your top priorities, and it doesn’t end with buying the best safety-rated car, moving to a safer neighborhood, or sending your kids to the safest schools. You can also safeguard your family by making sure your home is secure as well. Check out the following tips to […]

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gun safety

5 Reasons Why Your Gun Should Be In A Safe

According to the president and CEO of the “National Shooting Sports Foundation“, Steve Sanetti, homeowners could prevent almost all firearm accidents with the use of proper precautions. When keeping guns secure, proper storage can be the most effective way of preventing accidents – after all, anyone who chooses to own a firearm should respect that […]

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home security

Useful Home Security Tips for Landlords

A house is by far one of the most valuable assets that we will ever own or rent. Though most residents understand that home security is essential, most people forget to take steps for properties that they own, but rent out to others.  Although a majority of the contents within a home will belong to […]

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